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Transfer land after loved one's death

by: Shawn Eisler                                  18 April 2024

Parents go on house title

I'm buying a house and my parents are co-signing

and need to go on title. What are my options?

by: Stacy Senkbeil                                        5 April 2024

Sibling Rivalry and the Family Cottage

by: Derek Cullen                                       11 March 2024

Mobile Home for Christmas.jpg

All I want for Christmas is a mobile home!

by: Keith Murkin and                        22 December 2023

       Shawn Eisler 

Real estate deal cancelled.jpg

What happens when a real estate deal

falls apart?

by: Stacy Senkbeil                           15 September 2023

Land Transfer Tax .jpg
Property Taxes .jpg

Land Transfer Tax: What you need to know as 

a first-time home buyer 

Understanding Property Taxes

by: Michelle Pearson                          22 February 2024

by: Stacy Senkbeil                              30 January 2024

Home Insurance vs. Title Insurance.jpg
Dealing with home and properties after separation.jpg

Home Insurance vs. Title Insurance 

by: Shawn Eisler                             10 November 2023

Dealing with the family home and other 

properties after separation 

by: Jill Giesbrecht                          20 October 2023

Tips for first-time homebuyers.JPG

by: Shawn Eisler                             7 September 2023

Top 5 tips for first-time homebuyers

Condo vs. House Purchase.JPG

Condominium vs. House Purchase: 

What are the differences?

by: Keith Murkin and  

       Michelle Pearson                          25 August 2023

Do I need a lawyer to sell my house?

by: Bryan Webber                                       20 July 2023

Buying and selling a house.jpg

The costs and fees when buying/

selling a house 

by: Stacy Senkbeil and               

       Stephen Branigan                              29 June 2023

House for sale

What should I disclose when selling a house?

by: Shawn Eisler                                         17 July 2023

Jointly owned property

What happens to a jointly owned property

when one owner passes away?

by: Michelle Pearson                                 26 June 2023

Both spouses on a house title

Do both spouses need to be on a house title?

  by: Karla Dane                                              7 July 2023

Possession date - the new house

by: Stacy Senkbeil                                    16 June 2023

buying a house

by: Ashley Joyce                                           12 June 2023

Do I need a lawyer to buy a house?

Do I need a lawyer to sell a house.jpg
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