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Real Estate

Wills and Estates

Our lawyers review your assets and wishes to ensure that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes when preparing wills, power of attorneys and health care directives. We also assist with administering estates after someone has passed away.

Warren Barber.png

Warren Barber, K.C. 

Derek Cullen.png

Warren Barber, K.C. 

Derek Cullen 

Karla Dane 

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Laura McDougald-


Stacy Senkbeil

Trent Sholdice.png

Trent Sholdice

Karen Beauchamp.png

Karen Beauchamp

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Jill Giesbrecht.png

Blair Filyk 

Bryan Webber.png

W. Bryan Webber

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Ashley Joyce.png

Ashley Joyce

Our Lawyers 

Warren Barber, K.C. 

Karla Dane.png

Stephen Branigan

Jill Giesbrecht

Michelle Pearson

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