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Who inherits assets without will.jpg

Who inherits assets when there in no Will 

in Manitoba?

by: Michelle Pearson                 22 September 2023

Tips for first-time homebuyers.JPG
Real estate deal cancelled.jpg

What happens when a real estate deal falls apart?

by: Stacy Senkbeil                     15 September 2023

prenuptial agreement
Condo vs. House Purchase.JPG

Top 5 tips for first-time homebuyers

by: Shawn Eisler                           7 September 2023

Estate Planning 2.JPG

Will, Power of Attorney and Health Care 

Directive: Do I need them?

by: Stacy Senkbeil                           11 August 2023

Do I need a lawyer to sell a house.jpg

Do I need a lawyer to sell my house?

by: Bryan Webber                               20 July 2023

Both spouses on a house title

Do both spouses need to be on a house title?

 by: Karla Dane                                            7 July 2023

Getting a divorce.jpg

How long does it take to process a divorce?

by: Jill Giesbrecht                                 19 June 2023

by: Jill Giesbrecht                             29 August 2023

Should my partner and I get a prenup?

tax and estate planning photo.JPG

Tax and estate planning considerations 

for Manitoba mineral rights owners 

by: Warren Barber, K.C.                    9 August 2023

House for sale

What should I disclose when selling a house?

by: Shawn Eisler                                      17 July 2023

Buying and selling a house.jpg

The costs and fees in buying/selling a house 

by: Stacy Senkbeil and               

       Stephen Branigan                            29 June 2023

Possession date - the new house

by: Stacy Senkbeil                                   16 June 2023

Condominium vs. House Purchase: 

What are the differences?

by: Keith Murkin and  

       Michelle Pearson                    2August 2023


What to do if you get sued

by: Stephen Branigan and  

       Keith Murkin                               2 August 2023

Incorporating family farm

by: Laura McDougald-Williams           14 July 2023

When should I incorporate my family farm?

Jointly owned property

by: Michelle Pearson                              26 June 2023

buying a house

by: Ashley Joyce                                12 June 2023

Do I need a lawyer to buy a house?

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