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Real Estate 

Our real estate lawyers are the go-to advisors for varied types of real estate transactions - from buying or selling a residential property, condominium or cottage to large-scale commercial transactions. Together with our real estate team, our lawyers will guide you through the process and help you understand the nuances and complexities of each transaction. 

Our Lawyers 

Warren Barber, K.C. 

Warren Barber.png

Warren Barber, K.C. 

Derek Cullen.png

Warren Barber, K.C. 

Derek Cullen 

Karla Dane 

Laura McDougald-Williams.png

Laura McDougald-


Stacy Senkbeil

Stacy Senkbeil
Trent Sholdice.png

Trent Sholdice

Karen Beauchamp.png

Karen Beauchamp

Stephen Branigan.png
Jill Giesbrecht.png
Blair Filyk

Blair Filyk 

Bryan Webber.png

W. Bryan Webber

Michelle Pearson.png
Ashley Joyce.png

Ashley Joyce

Karla Dane.png

Stephen Branigan

Jill Giesbrecht

Michelle Pearson

Shawn Eisler.png

Shawn Eisler 

Keith Murkin.png

Keith Murkin

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