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Divorce or Separate
Child Support
Farm Corporations .jpg

by: Michelle Pearson                                  11 April 2024

Farming and Family Law: Farm Corporations 

by: Jill Giesbrecht                              19 January 2024

by: Jill Giesbrecht                                   3 May 2024

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Farming and Family Law Income and  Support .jpg
Child custody on Christmas.jpg

Farming and Family Law: Inherited Property

by: Jill Giesbrecht                            16 January 2024

by: Jill Giesbrecht                              12 January 2024

Farming and Family Law: Income and Support

by: Jill Giesbrecht                      20 December 2023

Dealing with home and properties after separation.jpg
prenuptial agreement

What should I do if our child custody 

arrangements for the holidays are not working?

Getting a divorce.jpg

Dealing with the family home and other 

properties after separation 

by: Jill Giesbrecht                           20 October 2023

Should my partner and I get a prenup?

by: Jill Giesbrecht                             29 August 2023

How long does it take to process a divorce?

by: Jill Giesbrecht                                 19 June 2023

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